Associazione Contatto, Italy 

Contatto is a NGO association, born 20 years ago with the mission of helping people with psychiatric disorders to improve their quality of life through improvement of natural relationships.

After the Forgotten Children Conference in Vilnius in 2009, in 2011 we created the Semola Project. The project is the result of a synergy between Contatto Association and Niguarda Hospital.

Contatto & Let’s Talk

Since 2011 we have been developing a preventive approach. We were trained by Titty Solantaus and we are linked to colleagues from other European Countries. We have chosen to use the Let’s Talk about Children and the Family Talk interventions.

We use the interventions in the Mental Health Centres of Niguarda Hospital in Milan, one of the biggest hospitals in Milan and Lombardy. They are services for adult outpatients with psychiatric disturbs.

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My Blue Box

My Blue Box is the first portal in Italy about the preventive topic in children of parents with mental illness.

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