Mental Health Europe, Belgium

Mental Health Europe is a European non-governmental network organisation committed to the promotion of positive mental health, the prevention of mental distress, the improvement of care, advocacy for social inclusion and the protection of the rights of (ex)users of mental health services, persons with psychosocial disabilities, their families and carers.

Mental Health Europe works closely with the European Institutions and international bodies to mainstream mental health in all policies and end mental health stigma. Mental Health Europe represents associations and individuals in the field of mental health including users of mental health services, professionals, service providers and volunteers.  Together with its members, Mental Health Europe formulates recommendations for policy makers to develop mental health friendly policies. Mental Health Europe places users of mental services at the centre of its work to ensure the voice of people who have experienced mental ill health is heard across Europe.

Mental Health Europe & Let’s Talk

Mental Health Europe takes part in Let’s Talk About Children as the project lead of the Work Package 1 (Project management and coordination) and Work Package 2 (Dissemination, Engagement and Sustainability).

As part of Work Package 1, Mental Health Europe will identify facilitating factors as well as barriers to implementation, initiate efficient and timely corrective actions based on results of process evaluation and risk assessment, identify lessons learned related to the implementation of the programme that will inform dissemination as well as sustainability plans. 

As part of Work Package 2, Mental Health Europe will foster the uptake of the LTC methodology in additional sites in the project countries as well as in further Member States; improve stakeholders’ understanding on the need to mainstream mental health promotion and support within adult health and social care services as well as education to support parenting and children’s development; grow a network of national and local authorities’ representatives as well as other relevant stakeholders supporting the adoption of LTC in local and national strategies and policies; raise the public awareness of the importance of acting to promote, support and protect mental health of children and families; facilitate the implementation of follow up activities once the project is finished by making accessible to all audiences the results of the project and policy recommendations to targeted audiences. 

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