Centre for Mental Health Care Development, Czech Republic

The Centre for the Development of Mental Health Care is a small non-profit organization based in Prague. Since 1995, it has been implementing projects in collaboration with community and mental health care teams and psychiatric hospitals to promote positive change in mental health care both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The small project team works with Czech and international experts, including professionals with experience in recovery from mental illness. Projects and activities focus on initiating and implementing changes that lead to increased respect for people with mental health issues and the development of modern (respectful and recovery oriented) approaches in community care and psychiatric hospitals.

Centre for Mental Health Care Development & Let’s Talk

As part of the Let’s Talk About Children project, we are working with five mental health organizations and one psychiatric hospital across the Czech Republic that have decided to train their staff and implement the method in their work. We plan to train 12 future trainers, and another 180 mental health workers who will use the method in their work with clients, and support 380 families through them. The implementation and promotion of the method and the idea of preventing the development of mental health difficulties in children growing up in families with vulnerability will be supported by other activities such as round table meetings, the creation and meetings of a national advisory working group, the creation of podcasts and videos, the dissemination of information at conferences, in the media and on the webpage.

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