University of Turku, Finland

University of Turku was founded shortly after Finland’s independence in 1920. Its original slogan: “A gift from the free people to the free science” eloquently describes the history and future of the university; University of Turku was established solely on private donations and is uncompromisingly devoted to science. Today University of Turku is a valued research and education facility, a home to over 25 000 students, faculty and employees. Get inspired by science, at the university of Turku.

University of Turku & Let’s Talk

University of Turku is the project coordinator in Let’s talk about children in Europe –project. The project leader is Kirsi Peltonen, who is located at Department of Psychology in Faculty of Social Sciences. The project is operated under the INVEST Research Flagship Centre, which is offering great resources and support for the management and coordination of the project. Based on cutting-edge research on the conditions and mechanisms involved at different periods of development, INVEST will evaluate and develop various universal and targeted interventions to improve the efficiency of the current welfare state institutions at critical points of the early life course.The INVEST ecosystem enables collaboration and interaction between various research organisations, higher education institutions, welfare researchers and public administrators, policy makers, civil society actors, companies and practitioners that work with INVEST in our mission.

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