NGO Peaasjad, Estonia

NGO Peaasjad (NGO Head Matters in English) is one of the leading non-profit organizations active in the field of mental health in Estonia. The focus of Peaasjad is on mental health awareness and promotion, early intervention and prevention of mental health problems among children and young people and fighting stigma in society. 

Peaasjad unites people who care about mental health including professionals on mental health, youth work and social sector, specialists from the field of education, consultants and like-minded people from different sectors. Peaasjad operates portal with its web-based counselling services, rises public conversations on mental health issues, develops and organizes intervention programs; develops and offers different training programs for young people as well as specialists.

Peaasjad & Let’s Talk

The aim is to increase awareness on promotion of children’s mental health in ESTONIA and implement and disseminate the Let’s Talk about Children method by training of professionals and the development of necessary guidance and training materials as well as a national plan for sustainable and continued implementation support.

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