MIELI, Finland

MIELI Mental Health Finland is a mental health organisation whose mission is to promote mental health, provide crisis support and prevent mental health issues. We want to build a society in which people can talk about mental health safely and without stigma. 

MIELI is the world’s oldest non-governmental organisation dedicated to mental health and has helped people living in Finland through their life crises for over 120 years. We operate at a national level through 54 local member associations. Our operations are run by almost 150 professionals and over 3,000 volunteers.

Mieli & Let’s Talk

The Effective Child & Family work (ECF -work) in Finland is built up around preventive interventions and approaches: The Let´s Talk about Children and Family Intervention) as well as through needed strategies to diffuse and implement them in everyday praxis. The work has spread widely in Finland, and we have built a nationwide network of trainers (over 500 trainers). Through the trainers and specific strategies to build the infrastructures in to organizations ECF -work is locally maintained and sustained. MIELI Mental Health Finland is the homebase of The ECF work and we have a team of three employees. The ECF-team offers consultation to service providers on how to develop the organizational infrastructures of ECF -work (for example develop LTC service model, build cross sectoral governance systems, create evaluation and feedback system) and support and maintain the trainers network.

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