Ospedale Niguarda, Italy 

As a General Hospital, Niguarda hosts all the disciplines for adults and children. All medical disciplines and tecnnologies, from diagnosis to rehabilitation, are integrated aiming at serving the best care even in situation of emergency or high complexity. Physicians, scientists and nurse staff have skills to work together.
The hospital was inaugurated on October 3, 1939, but the New Niguarda Renovation Project began in 2007 and completed at the beginning of 2014. The new hospital is based on a health organization for the intensity of care and on the optimization of the efficiency putting the patient at the center of the healthcare service.

Ospedale Niguarda & Let’s Talk

  • Interventions not only targeted on the individual but also to care-giving;
  • Cooperation with departments on psychological support of the sick individual (cases of chronic diseases, chronic pain, eating disorders etc.);
  • Rehabilitation activities with artistic expression (dynamic psychiatry) with dedicated laboratories managed by collaborating artists, art therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists;
  • Therapy for post-partum depression;
  • Outpatient surgeries specifically dedicated to juvenile distress.

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