Let’s talk about trainers: the heart of the LTC intervention

A group of people follow a presentation in a big room.
Almost 70 Let’s Talk about Children trainers met at the national and annual LTC trainers meeting on March 14th and 15th in Central Finland, Jyväskylä.

Trainers’ meetings have a long history. For nearly 20 years, we have gathered to strengthen our LTC vision, implement practices and, most importantly, give and receive peer support. The feedback from previous trainers’ meetings guided MIELI home base this year to focus on implementing LTC in well-being service counties, municipalities, and organizations, give time to share training experiences and give a window to LTC’s multi-professionality.

The trainers are at the core of the LTC work in Finland. Their enthusiasm, commitment, and persistence are remarkable. It’s not always easy to train a co-worker who has doubts, explain to a superior why it is important to use LTC, or be the only person excited about LTC.. Despite the obstacles, these trainers have done all this for 20 years.

LTC for crisis response: two successful implementations

Luckily, problems and challenges have not defeated LTC, and this is why we hear so many success stories from our implementors. The Crisis Center Mobile is one of these remarkable examples, where LTC is in use by seven professionals. Although LTC is not the first tool in big crises, LTC has been used in situations where a family member attempted suicide or in cases of domestic violence. When faced with a crisis, everyday life changes and can turn chaotic. Through an LTC discussion, it is possible to build actions in everyday life that strengthen protective factors and develop strengths in a child’s life. Easing parents’ concern about their child is important, as it is putting yourself in the child’s shoes – which is something that LTC discussions strongly encourage.

It was also inspirational to hear about the implementation of a crisis centre’s working unit. A trainer from the crisis centre said that using LTC is like a snowball—if someone shares an experience of an LTC discussion during a team meeting, very quickly almost all of the co-workers have planned LTC discussions with their clients.

LTC trainers’ meetings: a space for sharing

When discussing LTC, it is crucial to address both its challenges and successes. Sharing experiences inspires us, tackles problems before they emerge, and creates a sense of community. That is why trainers’ meetings are held and why we feel that we are the LTC community.

In Finland trainers´ meetings are held twice a year. In the springtime, we meet onsite for two days meeting, and in the fall our trainers´ meeting is online. Trainers must attend trainer meetings to maintain their three-year trainer qualification.

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